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  1. How do you plan your marketing?

    In my last post I mentioned "your planner" because you need to plan ahead for marketing to hit on time to promote events or product launches. Maybe consider how you will use what you do this year to plan for next year. So that at the end of each month you plan how you can use what you have learnt this month for the same time next year. This way you can do a quick review at the end of each month to make a note of what is needed. Use a single sheet to plan how the month will fit together. 

  2. Do you find it hard to think of things to write about in your newsletter? I used to find that I could think of things I should have written last week. I am still not perfect but I have improved my flow of ideas I have set aside space on my planner each week to suggets topics for myself. As my business is influenced by the seasons I can work out when I should be telling me customers about products they will need for what ever event is coming up. 

    A large proportion of your newsletter content should be "educational" if it is going ot engage your customers and stop them pressing the unsubscribe button. 

    What do you do to create content for your newsletters.

  3. The photographs you use on line either on your website or blog or elsewhere can be a big pull to help find customers. We do all judge a book by it's cover, so the right phtograph will make a big difference. But it doesn't stop there. Make sure you save the image files using a name that makes your photographs easier to find by your customers. A lot of people sereach via the image options when looking for many rossette with walesby heart stamp from oak house studio.